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Product Information



SOHO & Enterprise class Smart WLAN Controller



Key features & Benefits

Selectable systems according to network  scale and power redundancy feature

SmartAir controller solution have various systems according to the number of AP to be served . Each models support up to 128, 256, 512, 4096 APs. 3 models have power redundancy feature.

Detecting and Blocking DDoS attacks

SmartAir Controller provides the function which is to detect and block the DDoS attacks like TCP SYN flooding, ICMP flooding, UDP flooding, ARP flooding and IP spoofing, IP sweeping , etc.

Simple to use and manage

Web-based configuration wizard configures an entire WLAN in minutes. Centralized management and automatic optimization of entire WLAN.

Advanced WLAN features and functions

Advanced wireless networking features include rogue AP

& other threat detection, interference detection, band steering, airtime fairness, role-based user policies, per-user/per-SSID/per-group rate-limiting, hotspot and guest networking services.

Distributed forwarding architecture

Maximizes data throughput by sending all data traffic directly from the access points to the wired network. Of course, the management traffic will be sent to controller.

Simple to deploy

SmartAir Controller integrates seamlessly with existing switches, firewalls, authentication server and other network  infrastructure. Access points can be configured and applied automatically by using Smart Group function that classify according to AP names within DISCOVER message and apply the configuration.

System Redundancy

Redundancy feature of SmartAir controller ensures high network availability and is easy to use with automatic synchronization of configuration and authorized users between controllers.

Simple to manage

SmartAir Controller automatically manages the SmartAir network of APs - automatically adjusting transmit power levels and RF channel assignments as needed, to avoid interference, prevent adjacent APs from interfering and enable redundant coverage in the event of an AP failure. Configuration changes can easily be applied to multiple APs, or the entire system, simultaneously. 


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