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SmartAir Solution

SmartAir School Solutions 


 Smart School is a future-oriented educational environment that supports customized 21st century learning according to the level and aptitude of each student by innovating the education system into self-directed and interesting educational environment through ICT (Information Communication) technology. Through this smart school project, we are actively pursuing at the government level to improve the quality of the educational environment and lay the foundation for future smart education.




This smart-school environment can revolutionize traditional ways. 

First, self-directed learning is possible, which is not possible with traditional book-based training methods. You can access information on the Internet and access it on your own. Of course, teachers' specific smart school solutions allow students to control, share, and more.

Second, two-way education is possible, not one-way education from existing teachers to students. Information and screens can be shared between the teaching PC/tabletop PC with smart school solutions and the student to teacher or student to student to exchange views.

Third, under smart school environment, remote education can be provided to resolve inequality in educational opportunities. Students who are far from the region can learn the same through tablet PCs and online training. 


SmartAir solutions provide a wireless (WiFi) environment that enables smart devices, electronic board and infrastructure for connecting external Internet during Smart School configuration.



SmartAir wireless solutions support the latest wireless Wifi technology, 802.11ac wave2 standard, allowing you to download/play large amounts of video content for multiple wireless devices, such as tablet PCs, or Internet access.

SmartAir Wireless Solution consists of wirelessAP supporting wireless access of wireless terminals and SmartAir Controller that handles multiple SmartAir APs for management, provisioning, security, and authentication.

SmartAir controllers can graph statistical data from various traffic usage, alarm, and connection radio terminals according to time and date, and provide debugging function to determine the cause of a problem. 


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