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SmartAir Solution

SmartAir Business Solution ​ 


 Wireless services in the corporate environment have changed the working environment in many ways. By enabling Internet/intranet access anywhere in the company, information is shared in real time and opinions are exchanged for easy, fast and accurate processing.


SmartAir School Solutions 


 Smart School is a future-oriented educational environment that supports customized 21st century learning according to the level and aptitude of each student by innovating the education system into self-directed and interesting educational environment through ICT (Information Communication) technology. Through this smart school project, we are actively pursuing at the government level to improve the quality of the educational environment and lay the foundation for future smart education.




This smart-school environment can revolutionize traditional ways. 

First, self-directed learning is possible, which is not possible with traditional book-based training methods. You can access information on the Internet and access it on your own. Of course, teachers' specific smart school solutions allow students to control, share, and more.

Second, two-way education is possible, not one-way education from existing teachers to students. Information and screens can be shared between the teaching PC/tabletop PC with smart school solutions and the student to teacher or student to student to exchange views.

Third, under smart school environment, remote education can be provided to resolve inequality in educational opportunities. Students who are far from the region can learn the same through tablet PCs and online training. 


SmartAir solutions provide a wireless (WiFi) environment that enables smart devices, electronic board and infrastructure for connecting external Internet during Smart School configuration.



SmartAir wireless solutions support the latest wireless Wifi technology, 802.11ac wave2 standard, allowing you to download/play large amounts of video content for multiple wireless devices, such as tablet PCs, or Internet access.

SmartAir Wireless Solution consists of wirelessAP supporting wireless access of wireless terminals and SmartAir Controller that handles multiple SmartAir APs for management, provisioning, security, and authentication.

SmartAir controllers can graph statistical data from various traffic usage, alarm, and connection radio terminals according to time and date, and provide debugging function to determine the cause of a problem. 

SmartAir Campus Solution 

 Unlike elementary, middle and high schools, universities are already using and using smart devices by professors and students, which has led to a rapid increase in demand for wireless WiFi, continuous replacement or addition to the latest wireless AP, and increased speed of Internet access lines. First of all, we have introduced the latest wireless AP to increase the speed of wired connection as well as the speed of wireless access, and we are fully installing and operating it so that there is no dark area of wireless WiFi on campus. 


When analyzing major services in university, first of all, it uses various services such as social networking and chatting as well as learning-related traffic such as downloading multimedia services and video materials for students to watch Internet lectures. Second, wireless communication such as attendance check is frequently used through the application of courses, submission of assignments, download of lecture materials, and interlink of attendance system through access to the academic management system. Third, use break/night break to actively engage in personal interests such as online games, watching YouTube/video uploads, and watching broadcasting channels.


SmartAir AP provides wireless connectivity for UBT(Ubiquitous Based Test)


 UBT, also called the Smart-device-based Test (SBT), is a way to test using smart devices instead of taking tests with traditional paper tests/answers. This testing method is applied to national licenses of health care such as doctors, dentists and Oriental medicine doctors. Since the UBT test is conducted through a tablet PC, it is possible to provide the examinees with multimedia materials such as picture of the wound, surgical images, and radiography. First of all, examinees will be able to identify the exact questions and answers required. In addition, the results are collected and scored by each examinee through a server installed within the closed network, which provides excellent security and stability.


In this UBT service, SmartAir AP provides wireless connectivity for smart devices, providing reliable wireless infrastructure for testing on multiple devices simultaneously.  




Internet service to 2 universities using satellite/wireless WiFi

 Two universities with poor overseas communication infrastructure have been configured to allow students to access the Internet using satellite communication and wireless bridge. The University of Jahangirnagar was connected by a wireless bridge between the two campuses because they are located about 2 kilometers away. All SmartAir APs that provide wireless terminal access services are managed by one SmartAir controller and the SmartAir Controller is installed and operated at Dhaka University. We expect this configuration to be possible in the absence of wireless backhaul services and communications infrastructure.



SmartAir Public Solution

Public Wi-Fi 1.0 & 2.0


Public Wi-Fi 1.0, which has been promoted for six years until 2017, was mainly targeted at places for working-class people/low-income people such as traditional markets and welfare facilities. This policy drive is seen to be effective in reducing communication costs in households and reducing information imbalances between the priviledged and the underpriviledged.

Since 2015, the government has been thinking about 'public Wi-Fi mid- to long-term' development plan, and in 2018, it will expand to areas with high demand for population density, such as cultural, commercial and tourism facilities. Of course, the public Wi-Fi 1.0 was applied to local areas planned for culture and tourism facilities, and SmartAir solutions were applied to “Kangwon-Do tourist facilities public Wi-Fi”, “Incheon Gyeyang-gu office”, and “Incheon Bupyeong-gu office”. 


 The biggest problems with public Wi-Fi services are management issues in public Wi-Fi AP and low speed due to simultaneous access by multiple subscribers. First of all, management issues are not real-time monitoring of the status of the wirelessAP service and are left in the failed state. By applying SmartAir solutions, all public Wi-Fi service APs are managed and monitored by the SmartAir controller, which enables real-time fault detection and action. Second, connectivity and low speed problems can be solved by operating an AP with the latest technologies available to many users and by designing wireless networks that take into account the floating population and radio shadow areas, and are currently operating without civil complaints.


Wireless Bridge & Mesh Service


 For public Wi-Fi services where there is no telecommunication infrastructure, wireless bridges can be used to provide Internet access without installing wired communication infrastructure. SmartAir solutions can provide this wireless bridge service and can be managed and monitored by the SmartAir Controller in the same way as the Service AP.



In addition to configuring wireless bridges, the SmartAir solution can be configured using DWDS feature that connected with multiple wireless links between APs, such as Mesh service configuration.


Wireless Service in Public institutions


 Wireless WiFi in public institutions is built in conjunction with public Wi-Fi projects. Recently, wireless Wi-Fi is defined as the nature of public goods and public institutions provide wireless Internet to citizens.


 SmartAir solutions can display information or promotional screens for users using public Wi-Fi as shown below. These screens can be displayed on a web server or SmartAir controller running in your organization, and they can be viewed in both ways.


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